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Air Line Model R260-4 Hookah

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Air Line Model R260-4 Hookah


Air Line Model R260-4 Hookah

The ORIGINAL direct-drive system (introduced on May 1st, 1999). Patriarch of the Air Line family of completely U.S. made hookah compressors made solely for the dive market by a major manufacturer You can be lured with copies of the pioneer (Theres a double entendre here if you care to search for it), but Taiwanese parts cant match the integrity of gear made by a 55 year old American icon. Now re-powered with a smaller, lighter Honda engine, with lots of marine-friendly features such as: all plastic gas tank, gas cap, intake housing and pull-cord housing.

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Estimate Shipping Weight: 60.00 Pounds
Dimensions:   40.00(L) x 30.00(W) x 20.00(H) Inches
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.