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Air Line Model R260Xl

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Air Line Model R260Xl


Air Line Model R260Xl

EXceL,.eXceLlent. No matter how you spell it, the unequalled, uncopied leader of the pack! The bad boy that gives the competition nightmares. A large, single-head compressor that equals, or betters in delivered air, the other guys double-head. Can be serviced by you---in the field---in 15 minutes, with just three common hand tools and that, after hundreds and hundreds of hours of faithful service. Too water-logged? About 1,000 Thomas service facilities in North America alone. The Owners Manual, however, is quite specific in the care and feeding of baby.

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Estimate Shipping Weight: 70.00 Pounds
Dimensions:   40.00(L) x 30.00(W) x 20.00(H) Inches
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.