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Air Line Model R360Xl Hookah

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Air Line Model R360Xl Hookah


Air Line Model R360Xl Hookah

Because of the exceptional performance of the XL compressor, it is extremely well qualified to support the third, and even, fourth diver at respectable recreational depths. It is shown as a separate entity to eliminate confusion in determining requirements for depth and number of participants.What youve read above about Model R260XL also applies here. Worth repeating is the uniqueness of this large, single-head compressor: the full marinization inside and out; the vented cover; the six inch cooling fan; the ability to rinse out internally with no disassembly; that it can be serviced by you---in the field.

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Estimate Shipping Weight: 70.00 Pounds
Dimensions:   35.00(L) x 25.00(W) x 17.00(H) Inches
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.