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Collapsible Pocket Buoy with Diver Down Flag

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Collapsible Pocket Buoy with Diver Down Flag

The Pocket Buoy merges the benefits of rigid construction and collapsible portability into a new patented design. The secret lies with the hinged internal frame, which provides a continuous torsion arm between the flag assembly and lower counterweight. This allows the flag elevation to be more than twice as high as other inflatable buoys, providing substantially improved visibility. The buoy cover is made from salt and sun resistant marine grade nylon, and is kept afloat by a reusable, disposable interior inflation bladder. When extended, the flag pole reaches a length of 69 inches (1.5 meters). The red and white diver down flag is constructed from durable, sewn nylon and measures 16.5 x 15.5 inches (42 x 39 centimeters).

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