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Contour Surfboard / Wake Board Mount

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Contour Surfboard / Wake Board Mount

The Surfboard Mount is perfect for your surfboard, wakeboard, Jet Ski, or other water-based sports. This mount is built from the ground up to take the abuse that the wind and waves can dish out and highly adjustable to get the ideal angle. For best fit on helmets, and activities that do not require a waterproof case, we recommend using the 360º Helmet Mount.

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+ 360 degree rotation and 180 degree tilt + Single lever operation for wet or cold hands + Works with all Contour Waterproof Cases


(1) Surfboard Mount Flexible Adhesive Foot The Contour Surfboard Mount has a clear highly flexible mounting foot that can adjust to a variety of board shapes and won't damage or mar the application surface. Super strong 3M VHB tape secures the base to the board in even the most demanding conditions.

Rotating camera mount

The Surfboard Mount has a fully adjustable rotating clamp that secures the camera yet allows you to adjust pan rotation by 360 degree and tilt 180 degree for the perfect point-of-view.

Easy on and off

The Surfboard Mount detaches quickly from the base to allow you to remove your camera or switch boards in a pinch.

Easy to use

The Surfboard Mount is easy to use even with wet or cold hands. The 360 degrees rotating top means you can pan 360 degrees and tilt the image up and down 180 degrees, allowing you to capture every possible angle. The colored latch makes it easy to lock and unlock the mount from the base.

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