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Check out Divers Supply new Swim School program. Featuring the most professional teachers and curriculum!

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Seek A New Adventure Explore the underwater world completely weightless in total silence. SCUBA diving offers you the opportunity to explore one of nature's last frontiers. The underwater world will envelop you and force you to leave your day-to-day worries behind, no telephones, no computers, no traffic, and no noise.
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Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Experience!

Start Your Adventure at Divers Supply
Have you always wanted to try Scuba Diving? Do you have a significant other, relative, or friend that has been pestering you to give Scuba a try or to get certified so you can dive with them? Do you want to become a certified diver but aren't sure you'll be able to do it? Do you have a person you just know will love diving but you need help convincing them? If any of these situations apply then Divers Supply has the solution, a safe, easy, and quick introduction to the wonders Scuba Diving has to offer in our indoor year round heated pool. Our highly trained and caring staff will guide the participant through a very safe and easy, no pressure, exploration of all the fun that scuba has to offer, and will demonstrate that scuba is far easier than most people expect or believe.

Macon - 1st Wed of Every Month
Marietta - 1st Thursday of Every Month
Jacksonville - 1st Wed of Every Month
Charlotte - Call for Details
Tampa - Call for Details

Where: All Divers Supply Locations

Do's and Don'ts:

To make your Discover Scuba Experience as enjoyable as possible please review the following suggestions prior to arriving for your experience.
  • Do register early as available spaces fill up fast.
  • Do complete the medical Questionnaire (Click here to download the Questionnaire in PDF form) and alert our staff to any conditions you can answer yes to and to any prescription medications you are taking. Active medical conditions and some prescription medications can negatively effect your diving safety.
    *medical clearance from your doctor will be required before you may participate. Call for more details*
  • Do bring only your swim suit and personal towel, everything else you will need for your experience will be provided.
  • Do plan to have fun, so sign up with a friend or relative to share the experience with.
  • Do get the most out of your experience, ask all the questions you have about Scuba.
  • Do Not continue with the Discover Scuba Experience if at any time you fell uncomfortable or are feeling significant levels of stress.
  • Do Not cancel or fail to show up for your scheduled experience, no shows or cancellations will not be refunded their registration fee and participants will be assesed a $15 rescheduling fee if reservations are not changed with 7 days minimum advance notice.




Learn to Dive!

Our SCUBA course is Fun, Safe and Hassle Free! It’s one of the easiest sports you’ll ever experience and can be completed in one of 2 different ways. What are you waiting for? Start today and enjoy this exciting sport for years to come. With Divers Supply. It just takes a few easy steps. 
Step 1 - Academic Preparation


To complete the required Academic Preparation you will utilize PADI's proven computer based learning systems. The computer based system allows you to master the material in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and when it is convenient for you to do so. Most participants will take an average of 10-20 hours to complete the Home Study Academic Preparation, but don't worry its developed around a 10 year old being able to complete it successfully.

We provide you 2 options for purchasing and completing  the computer based learning system.


Option 1:  Visit a Store Location and purchase the Home Study Materials there, take them home and complete them, then attend the required Academic Review and Testing. This is different per store location, so Call for details.



PADI Open Water Home Study Materials & Evening Review Program Cost                  $79.95

Buy materials in-store or buy them online here!


Option 2: This option allows you to purchase and immediately get started on the completion of your Academic Preparation without having to leave the comfort of your work or home. To begin, simply click on the "Start E-learning" button below (for the store you want to sign up with) and you will be directed into PADI's Internet based E-learning portal. Once at PADI's E-Learning web portal you will pay the required fee's by credit card, create your account, and you are on your way. By using E-Learning you complete all your requirements of Step 1 online so there is no requirement to come into the store for the Academic Review and Testing evening, this will save you a valuable evening of your free time, and is our suggestion for completing the Academic preparation.
Start today with E-learning no need to come into the store to register!
PADI Open Water E-learning Program Cost            $ 120.00
*Once you have registered and begun your E-learning you will have 1 year to complete the program.*
Click the button to be taken to the PADI E-learning Portal. Please be aware each person registering for E-Learning will need to posses their own unique e-mail address.  (Note: You will be leaving the Divers Supply Website.)


Divers Supply Courses and Training ProgramsDivers Supply Courses and Training ProgramsDivers Supply Courses and Training ProgramsDivers Supply Courses and Training ProgramsDivers Supply Courses and Training Programs
Step 2 - Skill Development

After completing your Step 1 Academic Preparation, it’s off to the pool. Here you will develop and master the skills necessary to be a safe comfortable diver.You will learn skills such as mask clearing, sharing air with a buddy, proper bouyancy control, as well as many more. At the end of your skill development sessions you will be ready to enter the real world of Open Water diving and ready to earn your PADI Open Water Certification.


Pool Equipment Required:
You are required to provide your own personal snorkeling equipment for pool training. Personal snorkeling equipment needed consists of a Dive Mask, Dive Fins, Dive Boots, Snorkel, Personal Water Proof Watch or Diving Computer and Lead Weight equal to a minimum of 5% of your total body weight.  Personal snorkeling equipment cannot be rented for the class, but you are not required to purchase your personal equipment from us to participate in our training programs. If you need to purchase your equipment, rest assured we will beat any verifiable price and we have the largest equipment selection in Georgia, North Carolina and Florida for you to choose from so you can shop with confidence at Divers Supply. You are guaranteed the lowest price at Divers Supply.
SCUBA Equipment such as Regulators, BCD's, & Tanks are provided for you as part of your tuition.
Step 2 Skill Development Options:
Traditional Weekend Class
  • Takes only one weekend
  • 9:00 am - 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday with a 1 hour break for lunch (Macon)
  • 12:00 - 6 PM Saturday and 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Sunday (Marietta)
  • Tuition $150
  • Pre-registration and completion of all Academic requirements is required to begin Part 2. 
  • Note: If you purchased the Home Study Academic materials in the store; remember, you are required to attend the Academic Review Session always scheduled the Thursday Evening (6:30-10:30 PM) before the weekend training.

Private Skill Development
  • Tuition $325 for the first participant and $150 for each additional participants on the same private schedule.


To Register for Part 2  Skills Development, please come into your store and complete paperwork and pay



Step 3: Certification Diving
During Step 3 you will venture into a real aquatic environment and experience 4 scuba dives under the direct guidance and supervision of a PADI Scuba Instructor. On these 4 dives you will demonstrate your mastery of all required skills and knowledge necessary to be a safe comfortable diver, and acquire greater comfort in the underwater world by gaining your first true underwater experiences with a "Guardian Angel" at your side. Our certification dives are conducted the 3rd weekend of every month in the famous Springs of Florida and include all certification and diving fees. Rental Equipment, Transportation, and Lodging are the responsibilities of the student.
Open Water Student Certification Trip Fee:        $250.00        Florida Springs Locations
For More Information about the Certification Trip see the Florida Springs Trip Information Page under the Stores Trip Section
Certification Equipment Required:
BCD, Regulator System, Tank, Weights, Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Dive Boots, Watch or Computer, Dive Suit, and lead weight must be purchased or rented for the Open Water Dives.
  • 3 Day Student Rental Package of all gear required except Watch or Computer:
  • $40 + $20 refundable cleaning deposit.
  • Rented Equipment can be checked out no earlier than the Thursday before your certification trip, and must be returned clean and dry no later than close of business on the Tuesday following your certification trip. Rental equipment checked out earlier or kept beyond the due date, or returned in a unclean state, will be assessed additional fees.



Traveling Elsewhere to complete your Open Water Checkouts ??? No Problem, we can issue referral paperwork:


 Once you have completed your Academic and Skills Training we can provide you referral documentation you can then take to any PADI dive center of your choice who will then complete your certification dives over 2 days. Please note, we charge a $50 referral fee to provide referral documentation and the PADI Dive Center you contract with to complete the certification dives will also charge you fee's for their services. To request referral documentation contact our staff at least 24 hours prior to your desired time to pick up referral documentation.

*See the Store Trip Calendar for more information about these trips.*
Pre-registration for Step 3 is required as space is limited!
Private Classes
When you register for a private class your actual class schedule will be coordinated with your instructor. We can accommodate just about any scheduling demands you might have. Private classes normally meet 3 times and each session is approximately 3 hour. The private class can be very economical for small groups of family or friends (limited to 4 students).
Tuition is $325 for the first participant and $150 for each addition participant in the same private class (on the same schedule). You receive one FREE PADI Crew Pack (a $80 value) which includes: 1ea Audio Visual Home Study Media, 1ea Manual, 1ea Dive Tables, 1ea Log Book.
Example: If a family of four (4) register for a private class you will have a significant saving if class members share the same home study media (this is a $216 savings).
Comparison of Private Class of 4 versus of Regular Class

Regular Class Rate

With 4 Students


Private Class Rate

With 4 Students


4 Students x $150 =  $600


1 Students x $325 =  $325

3 Students x $125 =  $375

4 Crew Packs x $80 =  $320


Includes: 1 home study media

3 have to buy tables and logs seperately


3 Dive tables & log books x $34.8 =  $104.55


Total Cost:            $920

 Total Cost:              $804.55
**Dive tables may be upgraded to the Electronic Dive Planner for $5 each.
Private Class of 4 Saves You  $115.45