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Cressi Perla Mask

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Cressi Perla Mask

The Perla Mask is particularly suitable for free diving and snorkeling, but just as appropriate for use in scuba diving. The Perla is a two lens mask, has a double-feathered edge skirt that will adapt to most faces. A low volume mask perfect for free-divers. Due to its low volume the mask sits closer to your eyes increasing the masks field of view. It is made from soft transparent silicone, and comes with strong rapid action buckles to adjust the strap quick and easily.

More Details

  • Suitable for Free Diving, Snorkeling and Scuba
  • Two Lens Design
  • Double-Feathered Edge Transparent Silicone Skirt
  • Low Volume
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Strong Rapid Action Buckles

Shipping Details

Estimate Shipping Weight: 1.25 Pounds
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.