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Cressi Sub Mini 3 Gauge- Metric

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Cressi Sub Mini 3 Gauge- Metric


Cressi Sub Mini 3 Gauge- Metric

Mini-console 3 is a small compact console that houses the Cressi mini pressure gauge, new, small, analog depth gauge and on the back side a compass for navigation. Both the depth and pressure gauges are high quality instruments witha chrome plated brass case and the depth gauge has a diaphragm membrane function. The compass has a thermoplastic case. All gauges have a large circulareasy to read scales. On the luminescent face of the 70 meters depth gauge the first 12 meters depth readings are in 3 meter increments, (which correspond to the area of decompression stops), and are widely spaced for ease of reading. The face is divided into three different colored zones: green up to 20 meters, light blue from 20 to 40 meters, red from 40 meters to the end of the scale. The instrument has a maximum depth indicator that stops on the maximum depth reached during the dive. The Mini-Manometer pressure gauge luminescent dial reads from 0-to 350 bars. Theinstruments face like the depth gauge is divided into three different colored zones: the area from 50 bars and below is highlighted in red with a solid bar and red stripes. If gauge is used on deeper dives, the red scale extends and fades to 100 bars. This provides for added reserve air indication required at greater depths. From 50 bars to approximately 200 bars is green and from 200 bars to end of scale is blue. The front glass lens is made to act as a pressure relief valve. In the event of a sudden increase in pressure inside the instrument, the glass rises slightly, allowing the excess pressure to escape. The instrument is housed in a small, modern shaped console boot, made from polycarbonate and desmopan, (a thermoplastic polyurethane) two materials that guarantee protection from shocks,scratches and which, at the same time, is very light. The compass also has a luminous dial for easy reading in low light conditions. The compass face is divided into 10 degree sections, has a side scan window for gun sight accuracy, lubber line, rotating bezel with double references and compass rose. The pressure and depth gauges are positioned in such a way that both instrumentscan be read quickly and easily in any conditions. The compass is mounted on the backside of the console. At the end of the console, slightly to the sides, thereare two loops for fastening the instrument to the BCD or harness so that it doesnot hang down with the risk of catching and damaging the environment.

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