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Deep Diver Standard eLearning Course

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Deep Diver Standard eLearning Course
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SDI Deep Diver eLearning Course

Diving below the 18 metres/60 feet limit that has become the standard for open water divers, opens up a different world, where undisturbed shipwrecks, unexplored caves, and tropical reefs teaming with life of unimaginable color and form are the norm. These are the attractions of deeper diving. But there is a downside. Deeper diving carries with it increased risk. This course is designed to introduce you to those risks and their management in a comprehensive and enjoyable format. You will work your way through the six short chapters that make up the self-study portion of this fully sanctioned SDI specialty course at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. Online training is the new wave of scuba training and SDI is the leader in the field. With this Purchase you will receive your SDI eLearning Online Access Code so that you can start your training immediately. Divers Supply will ship to you the Deep Diver crewpack that includes the eLearning User Guide, Presentation bag, student record folder and logo sticker.

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SDI eLearning Courses
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SDI eLearning Course

Scuba Diving International (SDI) offers courses for recreational diver, like Basic Open Water course, the first course every diver takes to start their dive training. SDI also offers specialties to continue the divers education like Deep, Wreck, and Night to name a few.


Master all the important academic information. Traditionally, this required several hours of formal classroom training. Now, through on-line training, you can complete this phase through self-study, at your own pace, in the convenience of your home or office.