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Dive Caddy Gen 2 Travel Bag

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How it Works The typical old duffel or suitcase style bags were, in the past, used to accommodate bulky and difficult to pack dive gear. With the increase in checked baggage fees and ever increasing bag theft and loss, the DiveCaddy efficiently protects and compresses your gear and keeps your gear safely in your possession at all times.The patented tri-fold compression system utilizes the gear you put in the bag as the structure for the bag. This eliminates the cost, weight and bulk associated with typical bag stiffeners and padding. The gear itself provides more than enough padding and rigidity to protect your life support and other fragile items.We've eliminated the extra weight you don't need and traded it for usable space.

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What's In The Bag?

We've designed this bag system to be used in several configurations. In the "Warm Water" configuration we easily put the following items in a Travel Bag, Spider Bag, FinCaddy & TurtlePack.

Click here to watch an overview video of how the system works.





The TurtlePack is included with the TravelBag and is perfect for quick access items while traveling. The TurtlePack is attached by 4 side release buckles and has a heavy duty zipper opening. The entire TravelBag system fits inside the TurtlePack when not in use.





The SpiderBag attaches to the TravelBag with side release buckles. The SpiderBag is perfect for taking items in addition to your core dive gear. The SpiderBag is essential for “Cold Water” applications and is perfect for putting a bulky wetsuit or light dry suit in. The SpiderPack also comes with an exterior elastic cord hold down system (not shown) that gives you additional large item storage on the outside of the pack. It's perfect for a fleece coat or large beach towel.






The FinCaddy is included with the DiveCaddy system and is a staff favorite! Whether used with the included shoulder strap in the "hands free/ messenger style" configuration or with the heavy duty rubberized handle, the FinCaddy is perfect for keeping otherwise loose items together and organized. The FinCaddy also nests inside the main TravelBag, when traveling, holding your fins and life support safely and securely in the main bag compartment.

The FinCaddy is made with high quality nylon webbing and high impact Delrin buckles. On the front of the FinCaddy there are two adjustable straps to secure your coiled regulator set up.



On the back of the FinCaddy there is a closeable mesh bag for securing and keeping track of the little stuff. Perfect for your mask, snorkel, gloves, anti-fog, etc...

Your fins are held into the FinCaddy by an adjustable strap that feeds through the heel straps of the fins and then buckles near the fin tips. This strap is adjustable and has an elastic band at the heels to accomadate both open and closed heel fins.

The FinCaddy is a great way to transport your fins and other small items to the actual dive entry point. The FinCaddy rolls up very small and can easily fit into a BCD pocket or stow inside a mask case while you dive.

When used with the included rubber handle, the FinCaddy is a very convenient way to rinse all of your gear at the same time after the dive. Whether using a hose or a fresh water dip tank, the FinCaddy keeps your gear together and gets you on your way quickly!



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