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HOG D1 Din First Stage, 5-Port Swivel

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HOG D1 First Stage, 5-Port Swivel

The First Stage Choice for Technical Diving! HOG D1 Balanced First Stage Regulator. 300 BAR DIN out of the box, this first stage features a rotating turret with 4 low pressure ports,two high pressure ports are located on each side of the first stage body. The high gas flow rate and breathing performance of this first stage provides plenty of gas for all technical and extended range dives and comes ready for use with elevated oxygen applications (100% Oxygen to 2400psi, 80% Oxygen to 3400 psi out of box when new). HOG First stages have been produced using a DIVE INDUSTRY first and MUCH more enviornmentally friendly Trivalent Chroming process. Trivalent Chrome is exceptionally friendly to the enviornment compared to standard Chrome, it is also much more expensive. Even using more expensive choices in production the HOG regulators remain the best value in the dive industry for divers needing durability, performance and reliability for demanding technical dives. We don't sell the HOG regulators as a prepackaged kit, the intended market, Technical Divers have varied needs in hose length, this allows us to keep the price lower while not having a standard length hose end up discarded and unused, a waste of money and resources. Includes a Delrin DIN cap with string.

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Hog Balanced Second Stage Hog Balanced Second Stage
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