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Intova Base Tray Double Handle

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Intova Base Tray Double Handle


Intova Base Tray Double Handle

Having the proper lighting when taking underwater photographs is very crucial. When you see photos that are blue instead of green, you know they took the time to get their lighting right. Once you descend below 15 to 20 feet you lose all red colors to the eye and your camera. The onlyway to bring them back out in your photos is with artificial light. So a strobe is a must if you wish to take good colorful pictures underwater.

Almost as important as the light, is the light mounts. The Intova Base Tray with Two Handles is one of the integrate parts which allows great lighting. The Base Tray will allow you to create a simple or a sophisticated lighting system. The Base Tray gives you a platform to mount your strobe arm (s) and gives you a stable handles to control your camera. This setup is important for those who want to make great pictures.

Intovas Base Tray with Double Handles is manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminum featuring a comfortable foam rubber handles and stainless steel mounting hardware. Due to the lightweight components the assembly weights a mere 13.1 oz (371.4g). Large stainless steel tension screw is easy to turn even when wearing dive gloves.

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Estimate Shipping Weight: 3.00 Pounds
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