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Intova Mini Torch Flashlight IMINI

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Intova Mini Torch Flashlight IMINI

The Intova IMINI Mini Torch with its high intensity 4.7W LED diode is a practical and convenient dive light. You can use it to look under ledges and to restore natural color underwater. The light is also perfect for night dives or as a back-up for cave and other overhead environments. It is submersible to 400' (120m).

The Mini Torch is made of anodized aluminum making it extremely durable. The light produces a concentrated bright, white beam, that makes it a perfect light source for many on land applications.

Detail Features

Bulb Type:LED
Burn Time: 3 hours at full power, 6 hours at 30% power
Battery Type:CR123 Lithium
Number of Batteries:2
Batteries Included:Yes
Depth Rating:400ft (120m)

More Details

Three Position Tail Switch

  • Full power
  • 30% power
  • Emergency strobe


Bright 4.7W LED that produces 130 Lumens


Perfect for night dives or as a back-up for cave and other overhead environments

  • Use underwater or on land


Compact, stylish and comfortable ergonomic design

Shipping Details

Estimate Shipping Weight: 0.75 Pounds
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.

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