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Intova Torch Adapter

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Intova Torch Adapter
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Intova Torch Adapter

Turn your Tovatec IFL WA Wide Angle torch or Tovatec ITAC Tactical torch into an underwater video light. Adapter allows torch to be attached to a Flex Arm (model# FA18 or FA30). Torch Adapter is model# TA6.

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Quick Info Intova Video lighting System
Price Seperately: $228.65
Intova Video lighting System
Price Seperately: $228.65

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INTOVA Video System Lighting

A low cost and practical video light system for underwater or on-land videography can be assembled using an SSFL (stay slim with FA30 flex arm), SSMR (flex M extension arm), and additional flex arm and two torch adapters mounting Tovatec IFL WA Wide Angle, Tovatec IMINI.