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JVC HM550 with G8V15 Video Light Combo

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This Bonica Underwater JVC550-COMBO Kit

Built around the JVC GZ-HM550 Camcorder. The kit includes everything you need to capture the world underwater in both video and stills. When your camcorder is inside the JVC WR-MG270 Underwater Housing you will be able to safely take it underwater down to 130'. You will be able to access all of your camcorder controls through the housing.

When you are underwater, salt water becomes one big blue filter, and fresh water becomes a green filter. In order to bring out the true colors we need to correct this color cast. The best way to correct this color is to bring a white light close to your subject. The included single Bonica G8V15 LED Video Light is perfect for this purpose.

Also included are the Bonica Tray and Handle, and 1 Ball Joint Set. This is all the hardware you need to attach your LED light to the housing and to position it for creative lighting. All of this gear fits into the included Bonica Soft Camera Travel Bag. This way you are ready to dive into your next adventure.

Bonica JVC WR-MG270 Underwater Housing - GZ-HM550 HD Everio Flash Memory Camera - G8V15 LED Video Light (Head Only) - Double Ball Extension Set - Video Light Main Tray - Soft Camera Travel Bag - Bonica Warranty

More Details

  • Record your footage in 1920 x 1080 high definition, for high quality recording and long-lasting compatibility. The Everio also offers up to 1920 x 1080/60p playback for viewing the fullest possible image quality on your HDTV

  • Record to the built-in 32GB internal flash memory for up to 14 hours and 40 minutes of high def recording time (EP mode). You can expand that recording time by another 14 hours and 40 minutes when you use an optional 32GB SD/SDHC memory card
  • The 1/2.33" 10.6MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor captures HD video and still images with clarity. The back-illuminated sensor captures low-light footage especially well thanks to JVC's Super LoLux feature
  • Low light performance is one of the key factors for quality video. Everio's Super LoLux ensures superior sensitivity to low light. To provide this, high definition Everio models are equipped with a back-illuminated CMOS sensor that allows intake of more light

  • In UXP video recording mode, you can record at 24Mbps, the highest bit rate possible for AVCHD video, for more detailed, sharper images with less noise

  • The Konica Minolta HD lens captures your video and still images with clarity, while offering a 16x Dynamic optical zoom for capturing far off subjects without experiencing a loss in image quality

  • Laser Touch LCD features a touch-sensitive scroll bar and buttons for smooth operation. It allows for zooming and recording using either the Laser Touch or standard zoom lever, and REC button

  • Advanced Image Stabilizer expands the effective area at wide angle to 4 times that of 2009 models, delivering powerful compensation for camera shake. You can enjoy stable results even if you're trotting alongside your subject

  • In combination with optional devices, you can enjoy a variety of wireless applications, such as control of the camera using your smartphone, recording your location with an optional GPS unit, and the ability to capture and monitor sound while recording using a compatible headset

  • Time-Lapse REC records one frame at a time at set intervals (1-80sec). You can watch an hour's worth of movement in just a short amount of time upon playback

  • With Auto REC when a subject enters the detecting area, and the luminance changes, recording starts automatically. Recording continues as long as there is movement within the area and automatically stops after 5 seconds of no movement

  • The Face Detection feature on HD Everio camcorders has been upgraded. When shooting, it intelligently detects up to 16 faces then accurately adjusts the focus and exposure

  • The "UPLOAD/EXPORT" button on the camera allows for one-touch transfer of your footage. When connected with a PC, press this button to start data conversion and upload the file to YouTube or export the file to your iTunes library

  • The GZ-HM550 comes with a remote for controlling the camcorder from a distance. Using a remote helps you keep the camera steady, and allows for self-recording

  • This detachable strap is designed to work as a grip belt when shooting and as a hand strap when carrying

  • This Everio camcorder is compatible with the optional CU-VD50/VD3 Everio SHARE STATION DVD burner. With the burner you can archive your video files on DVD discs without using a PC. HD Everio can create Full HD AVCHD discs as well as standard DVDs for convenient sharing

  • Everio MediaBrowser software provides file playback, management, and simple sharing functions. To make it easy to find your footage the software's calendar type graphical user interface displays thumbnail images of your recordings, superimposed on the date they were taken

  • Six 3W (15W total) LED bulbs provide 1500 lumens of light

  • Eight 2400 mAh NiMH rechargeable AA batteries powers the light for 60 minutes of full-power burn time

  • The LED bulbs run at a cool temperature, so the light can be used above and below the surface

  • The dimmer control allows you to adjust the intensity of the light from 0 to 100%

  • This Bonica Double Ball Extension Set attaches to the light arm in order get more height when mounting the Bonica MT09 Video Light. The extension also allows for more flexible light positioning

  • This Bonica Video Light Main Tray is used to connect the Bonica MT09 Video Lights to the Bonica Snapper Dive HDDV housing

  • The Bonica Soft Camera Travel Bag is water-resistant nylon and PVC case with a padded interior. The case is designed to carry and protect a Bonica Snapper HDDV camera housing, lights and accessories

  • There are 2 zippered pockets for accessories

Shipping Details

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Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.