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Dive Lights

Add to your diving experience through the use of dive lights. When diving underwater, you’ll be surrounded by low light levels, making it difficult for you to see much of anything. Dive lights allow you to see colors that wouldn’t otherwise be visible during your dives as well as look at ledges and holes to sneak a peek at underwater life.

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What dive lights are best for you?

When purchasing dive lights you need to consider the burn time, bulbs, beam width, configuration, and depth rating. Divers Supply can meet all your needs with many different variations of dive lights to choose from like UK Dive Lights, Princeton Tec, Pelican or even specialty tech dive lights.


They are great for looking in holes like with the SL4 UK Lights and at depth they will bring out the true color of the reef and fish. Night Divers usually carry three dive lights, primary, backup and marker. Primaries like the C8 UK Dive Lights have a wider beam. Backups like the Mini Q40 UK Dive Lights are small enough to fit into your bc pocket and are used only when the primary goes out. Markers like the Dive Beacon UK Lights or other light sticks attach to your tank to help others identify your location.

The Story Behind UK Lights

UK International has been around since 1971 and manufactures diving lights as well as diving accessories. All of UK International’s products, including its well-known UK lights are manufactured in the United States out of a facility in California. UK International touts high quality optics and ergonomic design as two of their strong suits.

The UK Lights line is extensive. You can find smaller lights, like the Xenon Pen Lights, which work well for specific tasks like searching for gear or making repairs to your equipment. The HID UK Lights provide long lasting high-powered lighting that’s three times more powerful per watt than a xenon or halogen light and is also true to the color of the sun’s rays. Or, when you want to be seen at night during a dive, the UK beacon light is a smart choice for ensuring safety.

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