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Liquivision Lynx Air Integrated Computer Kit

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Lynx Air Integrated Computer Kit

Includes: Lynx AI Kit (Lynx, Transmitter, PC Int, ZAGG, Disposable 3-Pack, Rechargeable Kit)

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Be Omniscient!

Imagine a dive computer that can reliably track diver air supply and directional location within the unprecedented range of 100m/330 ft… without pairing challenges, or lost signals due to HID or strobe lights:
The Liquivision Lynx Air Integrated Computer allows you to monitor your own air supply, and your buddy’s air supply and directional location – within 100m/330ft.

Dive Masters can monitor up to 9 students' air supply and get a directional indication of the students' location using the Liquivision Lynx Omniscient Dive Master Kit

Your dive charter guests can always find their way back to your boat with the Liquivision Lynx Location Transmitter dramatically improving dive charter safety

Monitor your dive charter guests' location and air supply, and send them safety-critical or fun text messages from the comfort of your boat with the Liquivision Lynx Omniscient Boat Kit

The Lynx Omniscient Boat Kit is an excellent tool for coordinating military, commercial, search & rescue, scientific and film projects underwater – monitor your divers’ location and air supply, reducing their task loading, improve diver relaying by calling back those low on air by text message and sending out replacements, communicate critical information to all divers at once, such as “missing diver found – return to boat”.

The only dive computer that combines the exceptional readability of an OLED screen with wireless air integration and our intuitive patented menu-based tap navigation. It is all you ever wanted, all you ever needed and more:

    Allows up to 3 gases (air and nitrox 21-100%)
    Monitoring of air supply and location of up to 10 divers within a 330 ft / 100m range
    Dive planner and dive simulator
    Dive logging
    Visual indicators of air-time remaining
    Find your way back to the boat*
    Receive messages from the boat operator**
    Bungee & stretchy strap included
    Computer connectivity (PC/Mac)

Readable: Full color OLED Display
Intuitive: Tap-based menu navigation***
Secure: Monitors air supply and location of up to 10 divers
Simple: User changeable battery (disposable/rechargeable)
Compact: Wrist-fitting shape
Reliable: Ceramic pressure sensor****
Rugged: 660ft/200m depth rating
Customizable: Choice of screen colors & layouts

* When used in conjunction with the Location Transmitter
** When used in conjunction with the Omniscient Boat Kit
*** Patented
**** Patent-pending

Lynx Omniscient Dive Master Kit

Be omniscient about your students:
    Monitor the tank pressure of up to 10 divers within a 330ft/100m range
    Know in which direction you can find them
    Receive information on their approximate distance to you
    Receive a warning if any student’s tank pressure gets dangerously low
    Have a fully functional air integrated dive computer (see Lynx Air Integrated Dive Computer) for your own use and deco information

Lynx Location Transmitter

Increase your divers’ safety by marking any location under water:

    Mark the location of the boat
    Mark a meeting point for you and your team
    Mark the entrance to a cave or a wreck

Track your divers:

    Track the depth of any diver within a 330ft/100m range
    Track the direction of any diver
    Useable without air integration and therefore ideal for freedivers and rebreather divers

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Estimate Shipping Weight: 1.00 Pounds
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.