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Rental Regulator Set - ScubaPro Mk11 C300

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Rental Regulator Set - ScubaPro Mk11 C300


Macon Rental Regulator System #16

Scubapro Mk11 C300

compact C300 System offers uncompromising breathing performance for avid recreational divers. The C300 second stage is lightweight and features an anti-scratch cover and premium diver adjustment control. Optimal Flow Design valve (OFD) for reliable and high air flow, improving work of breathing compared to a downstream valve Diver-adjustable coaxial VIVA. Adjustable inhalation control for personalized breathing effort. Redesigned mouthpiece tube allows better exhaust airflow. The new MK11 is more compact and lightweight without affecting reliability or performance. Diaphragm system prevents entry of water and pollutants. Balanced first stage allows prompt delivery of air at all tank pressures.

Sub Gear Aruba Octopus

Robust Octopus with downstream valve second stage with hose attachment in yellow for easy recognition and secure handling.

Sea Elite Slimline 2

Compact 2 gauge console. Small and compact for less drag and weight. Brass pressure gauge to 5000psi and 220ft depth gauge with maximum depth indicator. In a streamlined rubber shock resistant boot.

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Warranty Information:Divers Supply Warranty
Condition:shows light wear, might have minor scratches
Warranty Time:1 Year

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