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Mares Marlin Purge Dry Set

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Mares Head Marlin Purge Dry Set

Gear up for some underwater exploration with the Head Marlin Purge Mask, Marlin Dry Snorkel and Volo One Fins Snorkeling Set! The split-lens Marlin mask with aviator frame features a purge valve for easy water removal. The compact Marlin Dry Snorkel keeps water out even when you're submerged and provides a comfortable swiveling snorkel keeper. You'll love the easy, comfortable kick motion provided by the Volo One Fins!

More Details

  • Split-lens Marlin mask features an aviator-style frame
  • Purge valve built into the mask's silicone skirt allows for easy water removal
  • Marlin Dry Snorkel is compact in design
  • Snorkel keeps water out even when submerged so you can breathe immediately after surfacing
  • The swiveling snorkel keeper is low-profile, comfortable and reduces pull on the mask strap
  • Snorkel features a comfort bite silicone mouthpiece
  • Volo Fins features patented OPB hinge technology, delivering an easy and comfortable kick movement
  • Channel-Thrust gives you optimum performance with a minimum of effort
  • Quick-release buckles let you easily put on and remove your fins
  • Soft, elastic heel straps allow easy one-time adjustment
Awesome Fins:
  • Uses patented OPB technology for comfortable, easy kicking.
  • Channel-Thrust design features give users the maximum thrust for minimal effort.
  • Quick-release buckle system allows easy removal.
  • Open Heel Design.
  • Flexible and ergonomic rubber foot pocket.
  • Stiff plastic blade.
Set includes:
  • Head Marlin Purge Mask
  • Head Dry Snorkel
  • Head Open Heel Volo One fins
  • Head Mesh Bag

Shipping Details

Estimate Shipping Weight: 4.00 Pounds
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.