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Neosport Rashguard Unisex Top

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Neosport Rashguard Unisex Top
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Neosport Rashguard Unisex Top

Essential equipment for every paddler, diver, snorkeler and water lover, these comfortably cut rash guards are made from quality Lycra and are put together with tough flatlock stitching. Light enough to be worn in the hottest environments, they help shield the skin from the blistering effects of the sun as well as the stinging bite of sea lice or jellyfish. Worn in or around the water, these Lycra wonder shirts dry quickly and always look great. Available in short or long sleeve unisex styles.

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3MM Womens Wetsuit Package

Because every diver has different needs Divers Supply has taken our best selling items from each category to help fit your specific needs. And don't forget that Divers Supply offers full manufacturers warranty on all items we sell. This package includes wetsuit, gloves, boots and lycra skin with many upgrade options. Plus you get wetsuit shampoo and a wetsuit hanger for FREE! This is your chance to get a great deal on a wetsuit package! Just choose a product from each category.