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     Nitrox Diver


Nitrox Course 

Today the Nitrox course is a logical next step after the Open Water Diver certification and about 80% of todays divers use Nitrox. You can sign up for your Nitrox course along with any course you are taking if you are not already Nitrox certified.


The wide use of high capacity tanks allowing divers longer bottom times makes the use of Nitrox a very smart choice. The course is structured in an easy to understand manner by making use of a Nitrox programmable computer..


Nitrox, some call Enriched Air, is a breathing gas that has a lot of benefits for both new and experienced divers. The course will cover the use of Nitrox mixtures up to 40 percent oxygen.


The benefits of using Nitrox include

  • Increased safety margins
  • Reduced post dive fatigue
  • Extended no-decompression times