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Ocean Reef GSM with Nacs Transceiver

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Ocean Reef GSM with Nacs Transceiver


Ocean Reef GSM with Nacs Transceiver

GSM Global Submarine Messenger It is a basic underwater communications version. It has only a manual mode with a (PTT) transmission & automatic receiving mode. It is operating on only 1 channel, 32.768 kHz frequency. The GSM has all the same characteristics as the DAT model, Ocean Reef GSM Duel Channel Communication System (33122) excluding the Digital Activation, Transmission Mode and dual channel.

More Details

  • Features a digital driver for vocal message equalization
  • The standard frequency (channel one) is the same for all units, so it is possible to talk directly with any other GSM DC, GSM DAT, GSM, M-101A receive units, surface M-105 Digital units and all previous surface systems (M103 - M104 - M105)
  • New software for the removal of bubble noise and echoes inside the visor

Shipping Details

Estimate Shipping Weight: 4.00 Pounds
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.