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Ocean Reef Neptune II Nira 6600

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Ocean Reef Neptune II Nira 6600


Ocean Reef Neptune II Nira 6600

The Ocean REEF Neptune Series provides a revolutionary take on the full face mask. They offer great visual fields, superior comfort, reliability, exceptional safety, durability, AND they are easy to use! Whether you are a professional or commercial diver, or just a person who feels like picking up the sport of scuba diving; the Ocean REEF Neptune Series has a mask tailored just for you! The Neptune II NIRA, introduced in 1998, is known world-wide. It is the integration of the Neptune II full face mask and the NIRA second stage. The performance of the Neptune II mask is maximized by the use of the NIRA.Neptune II NIRA 6600 Neptune II NIRA with 6600 1st stageBalanced piston first stage Weighs 921 g (32 oz.) Made of chromium plated brass and steel 2 HP ports 4LP ports Rotating tower

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