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Oceanic Omega 3 Regulator MaxFlex Yoke DVT

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Oceanic Omega 3 Regulator MaxFlex Yoke DVT


Oceanic Omega 3 Regulator MaxFlex Yoke DVT

The Oceanic Omega is back by more than popular demand and they completely redesigned and restyled the regulator into what you now see, the Omega 3.0. The Omega 3.0 second stage is a side exhaust style which means that the bubbles from your exhalation are directed out to the side rather than from underneath the second stage. This is great for photography and videography because you don't have distracting bubbles coming up in front of your mask. The unique levered pilot valve means that there are no knobs to adjust or levers that you as a user have to play with to get effortless breathing. This valve makes sure that your breathing is effortless regardless of the depth. The sleek look and styling keep it low profile and lightweight. The FDX1 First Stage that accompanies the Omega 3.0 is a diaphragm style, inline, pneumatically balanced first stage made of forged marine brass which is then chrome plated. This design ensures consistent air flow performance throughout your entire dive without regard to depth changes. Rugged durability is what this is all about. Oceanic has just raised the bar with regard to regulators.

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