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Oms Phantom Hid 10 Watt

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Oms Phantom Hid 10 Watt


Oms Phantom Hid 10 Watt

The New Phantom Mini HID Dive Light is perhaps the smallest and brightest 10w HID light in the world. So small in fact that you can place the canister in many BC pockets! Couple this with increased reliability i.e. OMS refuses to use hot glue to seal bulkhead cord connectors and uses proprietary depth rated fittings. OMS has also eliminated the most common failure point on any light... the rubber booted toggle switch. Finally by machining the bulkhead into the Cap and the Head (2) points of common failure are eliminated! The OMS light utilizes a metal switch mounted in the light head for increased reliability and prevention of accidental turning on/off of the light.

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