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Relief Valve Balanced Delrin Body

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Relief Valve Balanced Delrin Body

A critical accessory for any dry suit diver, the Balanced Relief Valve (aka "Pee Valve")

More Details

Machined from Delrin, the Relief Valve is light weight so it will not add stress to dry suit material and it is corrosion resistant. The Relief Valve is equipped with a one-way valve so that the tubing is equalized with the air pressure inside the dry suit, which prevents the tubing from becoming crushed and stopping flow.

The Dive Rite Relief Valve comes with a balanced pressure equalization kit and 12 inches of kink-resistant tubing. The tubing connects easily to most condom-style male catheters. Catheters are available at most drug and medical supply stores. The valve is easy to install (the inside and outside gaskets are included), easy to maintain and can provide years of reliable service.

Shipping Details

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