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ScubaPro Spectra Mask

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ScubaPro Spectra Mask

Our sporty low volume Spectra mask for easy clearing and comfortable fit. Dual-Lens, Low volume for clearing convenience, yet designed for maximum visibility. Universal, super comfortable fit for a variety of face shapes. Bold colors, including duotones. Swivel buckles for easy adjustment. Tempered glass for safety and durability. The most important consideration in mask selection is fit. No two faces are alike, and the SCUBAPRO broad range takes individual differences into account. The basic difference in masks lies in the number of lenses. Single-lens masks were the first developed and remain a popular choice worldwide because they provide a broad, uninterrupted view. With the advent of silicone skirts, twin-lens masks have become increasingly popular because they typically lower internal volume, making clearing easier.

Detail Features

Only Available In:USA,Caribbean

More Details

Lens configuration: Dual-Lens
Lens material : Tempered glass
Purge valve: N/A
Skirt material: Silicone
Skirt color options: Clear/B;lack
Frame color options: Silver/Blue, Blue, Red, Black/Bronze
Strap adjustment system:  
Snorkel retainer: N/A
Inner volume:Low volume

Shipping Details

Estimate Shipping Weight: 0.25 Pounds
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.