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Sea Elite MVU-1 Mask

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Sea Elite MVU-1 mask gives a very wide field of view. Compared with traditional masks, it increases the field of vision in all directions. The Sea Elite MVU-1 is a tempered glass two lens mask with a low volume. The mask has a silicone double feathered edge skirt that is hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable; making this mask fit a wide range of faces. The profiled anatomical frame is streamlined and sits so close to the face that it seems to disappear from view when the mask is worn. Its extraordinary inverted tear drop lens visibility, together with extreme comfort, efficient adjusting low profile buckle system for the silicone strap makes this model a great choice for all diving activities, from snorkeling to deep free diving, to scuba diving. To protect your mask when not in use comes with a hard plastic protective mask box.

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Quick Info Edge Max Vision Ultra Mask
Price Seperately: $29.99
Edge Max Vision Ultra Mask
Price Seperately: $29.99

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The Max Vision Ultra has a low internal profile thanks to its dual lens design, which decreases the amount of surface area between the diver's face and the mask. Because there is less space to fill, less water can if your mask is accidentally knocked off by another diver. Less water between the mask and diver's face means the Max Vision Ultra is easier to clear than single lens masks and many other dual lens masks.