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Sea Elite Trans F1 OH Fins

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Sea Elite Trans OH

Fins Open Heel design with channel thrust offers the most versatile choice in all diving conditions. It also features an innovative buckle for ease of use. Side rails improve stability eliminating ankle-twisting. The foot pocket is made very comfortable by using a soft elastomer and non-slip material. Anatomic foot pocket transmits more power to the blade.

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Quick Info Edge Transcend Fin
Price Seperately: $42.95
Edge Transcend Fin
Price Seperately: $42.95

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Edge Transcend Fin

The EDGE TRANSCEND FIN revolutionary fin concept that delivers exceptional performance for all divers in all diving conditions. The EDGE TRANSCEND FIN is a sleek, ergonomic design that features a Balanced Variable Flex Blade. The blade adjusts to changing diving conditions without overstressing ankles or legs. The EDGE TRANSCEND FIN features a new low profile quick adjust buckle that is ergonomically designed into the blade, allowing for minimal water drag.