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Seac Propulsion Fins

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Seac Propulsion Fins

Designed in collaboration with the armed forces and special forces, Propulsion fins evolved to satisfy the most extreme needs. The blade allows perfect compromise of performance and force. The fluid dynamic channels collect, contain, and channel water with no dispersion. The foot pocket offers the right comfort and support.

More Details

Blade material: techno polymer, with special formula

Foot pocket material: thermoplastic rubber

the blade in a special formulation of polyolefinic techno-polymers is aimed to offer better propulsion with the correct bending module, studied to offer the perfect performance/effort ratio.

OPEN-SHOE DESIGN: the particular open-shoe design was developed to allow the foot easier entry and support and improve comfort.

the stabilizers on the blade stabilize the stroke, reducing slicing and power loss to a minimum.

the side ribbings are made with an innovative and exclusive combination of rigid and soft materials for increases thrust and the right return.

WATER CHANNELS: the channel patterns in thermoplastic elastomer were sized according to the results of fluid dynamics analysis to obtain the effect of collecting, containing, and channeling water without lateral dispersion, guaranteeing optimal thrust without excessive force.

this particular strap was made to allow the greatest adherence possible with the heel and to prevent energy dispersion while kicking.

the no-slip anatomic heel piece positioned under the shoe allows good stability and maximum grip on any surface.

: this characteristic allows the fin to adapt more easily to different size feet. The two-button safety buckle prevents accidental opening in water.


The blade is a mix of hard plastic with soft rubber-like inserts that give an effective scoop with a downward kick. It's big. The Propulsion fin measures 68cm overall in lengths L-XL.

At 26cm long, the Propulsion could hardly be called generous, but that extra 3cm now abandoned by most manufacturers used to encompass my foot right up to the heel, and avoided me feeling any strain at the shin. At least Seac-sub has thought about climbing boat-ladders and standing on slippery decks while wearing these fins, and has incorporated an effective grippy area the full length of the underside. 


Straps & Buckles
The buckles are not the same as those that seem to be fitted to every other fin on the market. These are different. They feature a pinch-release that does not separate the buckle into two parts but just allows about 1.5cm of slack (when released both sides) on the strap to enable you to pull the fins off easily.

If you like fins that use 'channel-thrust technology' (a term used by a competing manufacturer) you'll like these too.
Out at sea, their efficacy was nothing short of extraordinary you will enjoyed thrusting forward, head-on into a current.


Shipping Details

Estimate Shipping Weight: 6.00 Pounds
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.

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