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Seac Sting 65 Spear Gun

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Seac Sting 65 Spear Gun

The Stings amazingly competitive pricing provides an accessible entry point to the rewarding and exciting pursuit of Spearfishing. The robust and reliable mechanism and other precision features make the Sting Spearguns the perfect introductory Spear guns.

A Light & Versatile Sling Spear Gun, anatomic grip to assist shooting accuracy, easy to load, constant & gradual extension of the slings, optimum balance & gradual sensitivity when shooting. Gun Length is 65cm and Shaft is 85cm

Detail Features

Stock Material:Aluminum
Stock Shaft:9/32 Shaft,7mm Thread
Overall Length:39 in
Shaft Length:33 1/2 in
Bands Included:1
Includes Tip:Yes
Range:Approx 12 ft

More Details

Seac Sting 65 Spear Gun

Shipping Details

Estimate Shipping Weight: 3.00 Pounds
Weight Disclaimer:  *Weight may vary based on size.