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Seal Line Dry E-Case Small

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Seal Line Dry E-Case Small


The Seal Line Waterproof Electronics Bag Small weights 1.75 oz. and measures 4" wide X 6" long.

Touch, Talk and Listen™ with Full Protection: These cases give your critical electronics submersible protection while still allowing you to operate them. Things you might find handy way out in the back of beyond. Available in three different sizes, they’re completely transparent and feature tough urethane windows that are soft enough to let you easily navigate button-based interfaces. Each have a SealLock™ closure that ensures waterproof performance and two corner lash points that let you attach cords or anything else to keep your gear secure.


Waterproof Protection: Completely submersible SealLock closure with easy access.

Lasting Visibility: Tough urethane resists UV damage.

Unimpeded Use: Interface directly with button-based electronics without compromising protection.


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