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SeeDive Attach a Lens

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SeeDive Attach a Lens


SeeDive Attach a Lens

Peel and stick lenses Installation

Instructions for Peel N Stick Lenses

Position the lenses:

Find the best position for your lenses and mark the position with a felt tip pen or grease pencil.


(Lenses should be installed inside your eyewear.) Clean your goggle and dry thoroughly. Clean the installation area with Alcohol Wipe enclosed. Moisten Lens Handler and attach to the front side of the Lens (front side has the power label)Carefully remove the Red protective film, and position the Lens in the desired location in your goggle. Press the lens Firmly in place. Remove the lens handler & Repeat for the other side.

Care and Use:

Clean your eyewear according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Check your eyewear before use for any possible changes to your Attach-A-Lens and adjust accordingly.


Push the Attach-A-Lens to the side to break the seal or slide waxed dental floss between the goggle and the Lens to break the seal. With your index finger roll the remaining adhesive of the surface of your goggle and Lens. Clean any adhesive residue with Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol.

Additional lens gaskets if needed are available from your Attach A Lens dealer or visit us on line

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