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Now that you have become an experienced and practiced diver, maybe it's time to start grocery shopping underwater with discount scuba gear and hunting supplies. Divers Supply carries both spear guns, JBL spears and lobster gear to help you hunt the freshest fish around yourself. There are many models of JBL, Mares,and Cressi spear guns available. There is the JBL Mini Carbine Spear gun that is inexpensive and easy to maneuver with with many JBL Spears to use. More Details

For beginners, the JBL 39 inch Carbine Speargun is the perfect introduction to underwater hunting gear. For hunting around the reef or rocks, the JBL Woody Magnum 38-Special Speargun is the right piece of equipment to bring along. Both the JBL Explorer 22 Speargun and the JBL Sawed-Off Magnum XHD 53 inch Speargun are also good for reef area hunting. Larger game will require higher caliber spear guns, like the JBL Super Carbine 46 inch Speargun. The range on this model is effective up to 21 feet. More articles on Purchasing scuba equipment online.

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