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Sub Gear Bonaire Regulator

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Sub Gear Bonaire Regulator

High performance balanced diaphragm 1st stage with dry chamber for all temperatures, including cold or murky water with 4 LP ports/ 2 HP ports. Classic downstream valve second stage with diver adjustable venturi and left/right hose attachment for reliable, recreational diving. SUBGEAR regulators incorporate expert engineering, high quality components and innovative design for reliable and safe diving. Manufactured for exceptional quality and breathing performance, our regulators offer a 30-year limited original owner's warranty.

Detail Features

Tank Connector:Yoke Valve Connector
High Pressure Ports:2 HP Ports
Low Pressure Ports:4 LP Ports
First Stage Type:Diaphragm,Balanced
Second Stage Type:Unbalanced,Non-Adjustable
Venturi :Yes
Manual Download:Regulators Manual - English

More Details

First Stage

  • Two opposite high pressure ports- The arrangement of high and low pressure hoses is crucial to diving comfort, allowing the diver to position the gauges either on the right or left side and increases the freedom of movement for head and neck.
  • Multiple low pressure ports- the Bonaire features four stationary low pressure ports, two of them HF. High flow ports deliver about 15% more air than conventional ports.
  • Cold Water On the Bonaire, a dry ambient pressure chamber enhances the resistance to real ice cold water at any depth compared to other dry chamber diaphragm first stages.

Second Stage

  • Classic downstream valve. Classic downstream valves are particularly noted for safety and reliability. When in use, the downstream valve opens in the same direction as the incoming airflow. To close the valve and stop the airflow, a spring counteracts the force of the incoming air.
  • Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA). VIVA uses the power of a vacuum assist to reduce work of breathing and increase breathing comfort. It is diver adjustable. A VIVA in MAX position gives powerful breathing support on every single breath; a VIVA in MIN position helps to prevent free flow on the surface, for training, for buddy breathing, in currents, or when used as an octopus.
  • Orthodontic mouthpiece. SUBGEAR uses a comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece; only a minimum effort is needed to hold it comfortably in place.

Shipping Details

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