Welcome to Divers Supply’s swim school where we are committed to making every child and adult truly safe and comfortable in and around the water.

Gold Script Curriculum and Consistent Teaching Standards

The Divers Supply Swim School is a member of Swim Schools International (SSI) and uses the proven Gold Script curriculum developed by SSI. In addition, each of your swimmer’s teachers have completed the SSI Swim Teacher Training and Apprenticeship program and been certified as SSI Swim Teachers. The use of The Gold Script curriculum and Certified Swim Teachers sets our program apart from others in several ways.

  • The use of qualified, experienced, certified Swim Teachers who have completed a significant apprenticeship and met all of the SSI Swim Teacher requirements ensures your child is receiving the highest level of swim instruction possible. Our teachers complete rigorous academic training, in water training, and multiple apprenticeship hours assisting with real swimmers in real classes prior to being certified as SSI Swim Teachers.
  • The use of The Gold Script curriculum means your child will receive the benefit of learning from a proven well designed program that is designed to assure progress and mastery. Each week The Gold Script moves the swimmer’s skills and abilities forward incrementally so success, improvement, and enjoyment is achievable for your swimmer and visible to you over several lessons.
  • Using The Gold Script and teachers trained and certified under the SSI program means that if for any reason your swimmer’s lesson has to be taught by a substitute teacher, you can be assured that your swimmer’s learning and fun will continue without any interruptions or inconsistencies.

Convenient Class Scheduling & Duration

We at Divers Supply Swim School realize that now more than ever families are busy and have very demanding schedules and we endeavor to always provide you the most convenient class schedules and convenient class durations.

  • The Swim School makes every attempt to schedule multiple classes of differing age groups and swimming abilities at the same times or near to each other each day so you can schedule all the swimmers in your family as close as possible to each other.
  • Class duration is 30 minutes (45 minutes for Baby & Me Classes) of fun filled learning once a week. Over 40 years of teaching swim has proven this length of class is perfect for fitting into tight family schedules and promoting the greatest amount of weekly growth and retention in your swimmer’s abilities and safety.
  • Because the duration of the course is only 30 minutes, please assure your swimmer gets the most out of each lesson by having them on the pool deck ready for fun at the scheduled class start time. We suggest you make sure your swimmer has used the restroom just prior to the start of their lesson; this ensures they will not miss valuable instruction time.
  • When its time for your swimmer to advance to the next level we are committed to assisting you in making the scheduling transition as smooth as possible.

Perpetual Lessons –Not- Sessions

Our lesson structure differs from many other swim schools in that we do not teach using lesson sessions. Our program uses a cutting edge process called perpetual lessons, and perpetual lessons have several advantages over the traditional session based programs

  • Your child’s safety is as important to us as it is to you, and we never want to make you delay improving your child’s water safety or enjoyment by having to wait until the next session start date. With perpetual lessons your child’s water safety and enjoyment will begin and end when you decide. Your child’s water safety and enjoyment is solely in your hands.
  • Every child’s talents are different and every child will progress at differing speeds. Session based programs attempt to move each swimmer’s learning at the same pace; with perpetual lessons if your child is a swimming superstar, or if they are a bit slower to warm up to the joys of swimming that’s ok. Your swimmer’s progress and advancement in our perpetual lessons is always at the swimmers pace not that of the swim schools predetermined session schedule.
  • Perpetual lessons take place year round; we do not have swim seasons. Studies show the longer swimmers are concurrently enrolled in lessons, the stronger, more confident, and safe in the water they will become. Our facilities all have indoor heated pools for year round learning and fun and we encourage our swimmer’s to keep on learning, improving, and having fun as long as possible.
  • With perpetual lessons you pay much less up front and pay only as long as your swimmer is enrolled. Instead of paying for a 3-4 month session all up front, you will pay monthly as your swimmer participates in the program. Perpetual lessons provide you with payment flexibility that session based systems do not.

Swim Pants Policy

The health, welfare, and safety of your swimmer is paramount to The Divers Supply Swim School, for this reason we have adopted a non-negotiable swim pants policy that assures the most healthy, safe, and sanitary pool facility possible.


Children LESS THAN FOUR YEARS OLD are REQUIRED to wear reusable swim pants. Disposable swim diapers may be worn under reusable swim pants but DO NOT meet the policy requirements on their own.

  • We DO NOT suggest the use of disposable swim diapers as they will become waterlogged and weigh your swimmer down in the water making swimming more difficult.
  • Swim pants can be purchased in our swim shop and worn under bathing suits or are also available built into swim suits. Swim pants legs must fit properly and be tight enough to completely contain any accidents. Please buy swim pants appropriately sized and not sized for your child to grow into, our professional staff will be happy to assist you in properly fitting your swimmer.
  • Fecal contamination of the pool is extremely unsafe and will cause an extended shut down of our facility and the cancelling of numerous lessons. Swimmers not following the swim pants policy will not be allowed to participate in their class and asked to leave the pool.
  • Divers Supply Swim School is not questioning your child’s potty training, or your parenting, but to maintain the health and safety of our instructors, staff, and swimmers, we must insist and require all children under 4 years old to follow the swim pants policy, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Before, During, and After Your Swimmer’s Lesson

Before the lesson:

  • We know your time is valuable so The Divers Supply Swim School is committed to starting all our lessons on time, every time. To make sure your swimmer receives all of their valuable lesson time, please arrive early enough to the facility to have your child changed, on the pool deck, and ready to learn and have fun at least 5 minutes before their lesson’s scheduled start time.
  • To minimize lost instructional time and class disruptions, please encourage your swimmer to use the restroom prior to the start of their lesson.
  • To minimize the risk of stomach discomfort or vomiting, please do not allow your swimmer to eat a large meal or food items likely to disturb their stomach prior to their lesson.
  • We suggest packing and placing your swimmer’s swim bag in the car the night before their lesson. Their swim bag should contain their swim suit (and swim pants, if required), their towel, hair care products, goggles (if your swimmer uses them), and anything else your swimmer needs before, during, or after their lesson.

During the lesson:

  • Please do not leave the Swim School premises, 30 minutes will pass faster than you think and for liability reasons we require care givers to remain on site during each swimmer’s lesson. We rely on the care givers to keep their swimmers safe in our facility before and after swim lessons.
  • Some swimmers take comfort in having their care giver in the pool area with them during lessons, while others may experience greater success with the care giver away from the lesson area. Divers Supply Swim School has provided areas around the pool and a climate controlled lounge area elsewhere in the facility for care givers to sit during their swimmer’s lesson. Feel free to remain in whatever area is most comfortable to you and your swimmer. Feel free to consult with your swimmer’s teacher as to where your wait may best benefit your swimmers learning.
  • Note: If you choose to wait in the lounge area, please keep track of the time your swimmer’s lesson is over and be on the pool deck 5 minutes before that time to review your swimmer’s progress with their teacher and to retrieve your swimmer in a timely manner.

After the lesson:

  • Please keep your swimmer’s teacher, or the program manager apprised of any concerns you might have regarding your swimmers learning and enjoyment of the lessons. On occasion teachers and swimmers are just not the right fit for each other, and we understand that. We want you and your swimmer to always have a positive experience at our Swim School and will always do whatever we can to assure that.
  • We suggest always showering your swimmer off prior to changing, hot showers are provided for your convenience on the pool deck.
  • Please pre-dry your swimmer off as much as possible on the pool deck prior to entering the changing area, this helps The Swim School minimize standing water and the risk of slips and falls.
  • Alert the program manager or office personnel of any concerns, requests, or Atta-boys you wish to provide the staff or facility.

How fast will your swimmer progress?

Each and every child has unique gifts and talents, and therefore each and every swimmer will progress at different rates. We ask you to withhold judgment until your swimmer has had several lessons to become acclimated to the water, lesson structure, and the new things they are being asked to do. Our classes are fun, interesting, and move quickly in order to retain your child's attention. Swim School Teachers use The Gold Script, which is a set of very detailed lesson plans. The plans for each level are designed for several skills to progress in small increments each week. Consequently, improvement will be more apparent over several lessons. We are confident that you will be delighted with our program as your swimmer advances through the levels and their safety, comfort, and enjoyment of the aquatic realm increases. Then you will know as we do, that this is the way swim lessons should be.