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Tusa Platina Mask M-20

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Tusa Platina Mask M-20


Tusa Platina Mask M-20

The TUSA M-20 minimizes frame volume to achieve a bold, slim design and lighter weight. TUSA has made painstaking analyses of the features of the human face (including skin and facial bones) to lighten the load and any abnormal feeling when attaching the mask to the face. The M-20 offers a superior fit and aesthetic beauty. TUSA has devoted years of research to improving the diving mask's field of vision. The result is the new Direct Sashing System (D.S.S.), a totally new structure. It eliminates the inner frame that blocks the field of vision, and attaches the lens directly to the frame to realize a startlingly new super-slim frame. The result is a major increase in the upper/lower and left/right visibility ranges. It also achieves a major narrowing of the center joints connecting the left and right lenses to eliminate the vision field split.

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