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Underwater Kinetics Eled Dive Pak

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Underwater Kinetics Eled Dive Pak


Underwater Kinetics Eled Dive Pak

Technology is moving quickly ahead to make LED illumination an ever greater part of our lives. For divers the LED brings an almost indestructable source of illumination. LEDs will not break because there is no glass envelope or delicate filament. The cool white light travels farther underwater, due to the high blue content which is absorbed less by water. Oppositely, the warm red light from standard incandescent bulbs is absorbed faster. The lack of need for replacement lamps and longer battery life make LED lights less expensive to operate. Color rendering of marine life shifts toward cooler more natural colors. For divers who want make the transition to state-of-the-art LED lighting, UK offers the eLED Dive Pak. It includes 4 lights based on UKs unique eLED constant brightness circuitry. Alkaline batteries are included so that they are ready to go diving.

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