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 Considerations When Buying a Dive Watch

Dive watches can make a trip underwater or on land simple and stylish with alot of different features to choose from. The look of your dive watch can be metal and even elegant looking. Check out the models like the Free Style Shark Rage XL or the Citizen Dive Watch Promaster Cyber Aqualand Nx MG1010-08E among other models in our collection of scuba gear online . These classy watches are both deep water resistant and fashionable enough to wear to the office. If you are more of a gadget-inclined person, the Casio Sea Pathfinder Sports or the Oceanic Atom 1.0 Wrist Watch would both be good choices. The Casio has sensors for dive information feedback. You can use the scuba watch to also check nitrogen levels, tide graphs, and temperatures. The Oceanic Atom is a fully functioning wireless PDC! More articles about Purchasing scuba equipment online.

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The Citizen Dive Watch

You can time your dives with an automatic timer or through the use of a dive watch, such as the Citizen dive watch. There are two main Citizen dive watch types you can choose from an analog dive watch or a digital dive watch. The analog dive watch typically has a bezel or movable ring which you can set to keep track of elapsed time. A digital dive watch is more accurate, but the buttons can be more difficult to operate than an analog version. All models of the Citizen dive watch have at least a minimum water resistance up to 200 meters.

Citizen has been producing quality watch products since 1924. Since then, Citizen has become a distributor of watches around the world. Citizen is responsible for creating the first electronic depth sensor dive watch. Whether you choose an analog or digital version of the Citizen dive watch, you can be assured you are getting a quality product which looks good enough to wear every day, as well as on dives.  Check out the Citizen Promaster Cyber Aqualand Nx one of the newest Citizen Dive Watches.

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