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Xs Scuba Sea Air Tri-Metal Regulator

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Xs Scuba Sea Air Tri-Metal Regulator
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Xs Scuba Sea Air Tri-Metal Regulator

The SeaAir Tri-Metal regulator provides the performance of today's most expensive regulators, yet is moderately priced. There is no better value. Manufactured from stainless steel, titanium and brass, the SeaAir uses the metal best suited for the job. Factory cleaned and ready for pre-blended Nitrox up to 40% FO2. Engineered to deliver the most air at all diving depths, and with just two simple turns of the adjustment control knob, you can quickly de-tune or fine-tune the second stage.

Detail Features

Tank Connector:Yoke Valve Connector
High Pressure Ports:2 HP Ports
Low Pressure Ports:5 LP Ports
First Stage Type:Piston,Balanced
First Stage Swivel:Yes
Second Stage Type:Balanced,Adjustable

More Details



  • Beyond the limits
  • Exceeds all US Navy Class "A" Standards
  • "Tester's Choice" - Scuba Diving Magazine
  • 300 bar DIN adapter available
  • Cold water boot available

First Stage:

  • Balanced, high-performance, proven design
  • Flow-thru, 316 stainless steel piston
  • 360º low pressure swivel
  • 2 high pressure and 5 low pressure ports

Second Stage:

  • Pneumatically balanced for performance at all diving depths
  • Diver adjustable control knob 
  • Marine brass, low pressure tube
  • Large bore, adjustable orifice
  • Quick acting, stainless steel spring
  • Large oval exhaust valve for minimal exhalation effort
  • Chambered exhaust tee directs bubbles away your face

Shipping Details

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