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  1. Edge Regulator Bag-Black
  2. Edge Regulator Bag-Dive Flag
  3. Aqua Lung Traveler 50 Regulator Bag

    Aqua Lung Traveler 50 Regulator Bag


    All too often, regulators are stuffed into gear bags that end up getting slammed to the deck, covered in sand and thrown about. Isn't it about time you took better care of them? The Aqua Lung Traveler 50 regulator bag lets you do just that.

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  4. Aqua Lung Traveler 70 Regulator Bag
  5. Aqua Lung Legend Regulator Bag


    It is padded in all the right places to provide excellent shock protection and features two hook and loop tie downs to keep everything in place. Learn More
  6. Aqua Lung Explorer Regulator Bag

    Aqua Lung Explorer Regulator Bag


    Keep your regulator safe, organized and dry with the Aqua Lung Explorer regulator bag. Constructed from superstrong padded air mesh material, tarpaulin and PE boards, the Explorer regulator bag allows you to drip dry your gear in style while keeping your rig safe from sand and grit. Learn More
  7. ScubaPro Regulator Bag and Computer Bag
  8. ScubaPro Travel Reg Bag Vintage


    Celebrate a half-century of dive history while taking good care of your reg. The Travel Regulator Bag comes in a new "vintage" style commemorating SCUBAPRO's 50-plus years in diving.

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  9. Stahlsac Molokini Regulator Bag

    Stahlsac Molokini Regulator Bag


    The ultimate multi-function Regulator and Computer Carry-on Bag for airline travel.

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  10. Leeward 6 Regulator Bag

    Leeward 6 Regulator Bag


    Protect your regulator and gauges with the padded Leeward 6 regulator bag. Learn More

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