Tusa DC Sapience Wrst Computer Iq-800

Part Number:TUS636

Tusa DC Sapience Wrst Computer Iq-800 This Computer Is Only 2 3/8 Inch Square And Only 5/8 Inch Thick! More Importantly, The Primary Display Characters Of The Tusa IQ-800 DC-Sapience Computer Are 1/2 Inch Tall! No Problem Seeing The Display On This Computer, Even For Those Of Us With Diminishing Eyesight. The Tusa IQ-800 DC-Sapience Dive Computer Is Also The First On The Market To Offer The Diver A Vibrating Alert System For All Alarms Instead Of The Standard Beep Alarms. Of Course, If You Still Want The Beeps, That Option Is Available To You In The Setup Menu. The IQ-800 Is Nitrox Compatible For Mixtures From 21% To 99%.

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