GoPro Suction Cup Mount

Part Number:GOP0006

Industrial Strength Suction Cup For Your Quick-release HERO Camera. This Is The Suction Cup That Comes With The Motorsports HERO And Motorsports HERO Wide Cameras. Strong Enough To Pull Dents Out Of A Car Door (unfortunately Tested And Proven By GoPro) Or Stay Attached To An Airplane At 200mph+, Proven Though Not Endorsed By GoPro Per FAA Rules. Perfect If You Own A Helmet HERO, Surf HERO, Or Wide HERO Camera And Want To Add A Suction Cup Mount To Your Arsenal. Attaches To Cars, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Cockpits, You Name It. NOT RECOMMENDED For Surfboards, Snowboards Or Other High-impact Sports. Only Recommended For Non-impact Activities.

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