Dive Rite ES410 Fins W-SS Strap

Manufacturer:DIVE RITE
Part Number:DIR585

The Dive Rite ES410 Fin Monoprene Blend Offers The Best Balance Of Power To Work Ratio, Providing Efficient Finning In High Flow Or Stiff Currents. They Are Stiff, Yet With Plenty Of Snap. Plus They Are Lighterweight Than Traditional Rubber Fins Meaning Legs And Feet Won't Cramp Even After Miles Of Swimming. The Blade Shape Is Designed For A Wide Variety Of Kicks, Including Frog Kicks, Modified Flutter And Power Kicks. The 8 1/2-inch Pliable Spring-heel Strap Allows For Quick Donning/doffing. A Comfort Heel Pad And Convenient, Removable Pull Tab Adds To The Ease Of Use

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