Liquivision Lynx Air Integrated Computer W Trans


Lynx Air Integrated Computer With TransmitterThe Lynx Air And Nitrox Computer Offers Similar Features To Our Kaon Unit However, It Is Equipped With 3 Ultrasonic Transducers Which Allow It To Receive Wireless Transmission From Up To 10 Lynx Transmitters, Within A Range Of 330 Feet/100 Meters, And To Triangulate The Source Of Each Signal. The Lynx Then Translates The Wireless Signal Into A Continuously Adjusted Bearing, Which Allows The Diver To Swim Confidently Towards The Source Of The Signal (e.g. The Wireless Transmitter On Another Diver's Tank, Or A Location Transmitter Affixed To A Landmark, Such As The Dive Boat's Anchor Line).

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