Omer Stingray Black Fins

Part Number:OMEP71XX

Omer Stingray Black FinsThe Design Of The Omer Stingray Black Blades And The Production Molds Have Been Developed, Over A Period Of Two Years, With Help From The WorldÆs Leading Thermoplastic Materials Manufacturers. The Omer Stingray Fins Were Tested For Over A Year Around The World In Every Climatic Condition. Omer Fins Rank As The Top Performing Freediving Fin Year After Year. The Omer Stingray Has A Flexible Foot Pocket And Reinforced Sole. Variable Thickness Blade Allows Proportional Distribution Of Propulsive Power Along The Entire Surface, For Maximum Thrust. The Increased Stiffness Over The Green Omer Stingray Fin Model Allows For Deeper Freedives With Less Effort. The Omer Stingray Freediving Fins Are Great For Both New And Expert Freedivers. Use The Omer Stingray Fins To Spearfish And Hunt Or Just Use Them To Freedive. They Work For All Types Of Diving.

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