Mares Prime Scuba Gear Package


Mares Prime Scuba Gear PackageThe Affordable And Unbelievably Comfortable Prime BCD From Mares Is Ideal For Someone Building Up Their First Set Of Dive Gear. This Weight Integrated Buoyancy Compensator Has Several Features Typically Found On A More Expensive BCD's. The EDGE Epic 2012 Is Our Proven High Performance Regulator With Even More Great Features And Benefits For 2012. The Epic Is Now Even Lighter Than Ever Before Due To Its Nylon Braided EDGEFlex Hose And Hose Pull Is Virtually Eliminated With Its Universal Ball Swivel Located At The Second Stage. A High Performance Balanced Diaphragm 1st Stage And Pneumatically Balanced 2nd Stage. Compact 2 Gauge Console. Small And Compact For Less Drag And Weight. Brass Pressure Gauge To 5000psi And 220ft Depth Gauge With Maximum Depth Indicator. In A Streamlined Rubber Shock Resistant Boot.

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