Sea Elite Xflex 7Mm Womens

Manufacturer:SEA ELITE
Part Number:SEE0055

Sea Elite Xflex 7Mm Womens The XFlex System Combines Super Stretch Neoprene With An Extremely Comfortable Cut. It Offers Versatility In A Wide Range Of Environments While Being Cost Efficient. The Super Flex Neoprene Ensures Flexibility And Warmth Makes The XFlex One Of The Most Comfortable Suits On The Market. Our Protection For Knees Completes The XFlex. It Is Designed To Offer A Distinctive Look As Well As Superior Fit And Protection. The Design Of The Protective Elements Was Conceived To Provide Maximum Elasticity, And It Adapts Perfectly To The Movements Of The Body. The Goal In Producing The XFLEX Line Of Wetsuits Was To Offer Wetsuits With The Quality, Features And Corresponding Benefits Of Suits Costing 2 To 3 Times As Much!

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