Aeris Elite T3 Dive Computer W-Transmitter USED D

Part Number:AER0031X

Aeris Elite T3 Dive Computer W-Transmitter USED DEMO UNIT The Latest In Hoseless Air Integrated Dive Computer Technology. The Elite T3 Is Streamlined And Ergonomically Styled; Yet The Display Is Large And Easy To Read. Enjoy The Freedom Of Eliminating A Hose From Your System, While Enjoying The Freedom Of Movement Underwater With The Elite T3 Hoseless Air Integrated Dive Computer. The Elite T3 Achieves A Remarkable Balance Between Features And Usability, Allowing You To Focus On Whats Important The Dive. With AERIS Wireless Transmitter, The Diver Can Also Monitor Gas Pressure From Up To Three Independent Cylinders Ideal For Both Technical Diving Applications With Compatibility With Up To Three Nitrox Mixes To 100% Oxygen And Recreational Diving With Our New Buddy Pressure Check Feature.

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