Intova Digital Sport SPK-800K

Manufacturer:SNAP SIGHTS
Part Number:SNS0042

Intova 8MP SP8 Sport Digital Camera And Intova Housing For SP8 D Sport Digital Camera. The Intova Housing For The Intova SP8 Digital Camera Enables You To Take Underwater Photos At Depths Of Up To 130 Feet (40m). The Camera Without The Housing Is Waterproof To 30 Feet (9.14m). In Case Of A Housing Flood Your Camera Is Still Protected. The Camera Flash Can Be Used To Take Underwater Photos, But An External Strobe Is Recommended To Improve Color And Reduce The Illumination Of Particles Suspended In The Water. The Intova Slave Strobe Is The Perfect Flash To Use With This Camera. The Camera Housing Allows Access To All Camera Functions.

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